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a person who likes to be on myspace about fourteen out of twenty-four hours a day. They are preferbley women but can be those "emo gentlemen". They are on so much these side affects may accur: eating disorders, sudden nudity, insomnia, lack of social activity, accept computer friends. They usually love to take pictures of themselves a little bit to much and are usually half naked during most of these pictures and make pornographic faces or acts. Leading a "myspace hooka life" is not a way to live, it is worst then doing Heroine and even acts of prostitution, but it is however a great way to make false friends that you will never really have a relationship wif.
Julia: "Tiffany gurrl c'mon I came over here to go to da clubs and bump and grind and geet boozed out of my mind and you've been checking yo myspace for 4 hours now and you didn't even get look like a 5 dollar hoe."

Tiffany: "you just trippin' I just posted a new picture and I need to get at least five comments in an hour and one friend request or my reputation will be ruined!"

Julia: "whatev hoe you ain't nothing but a myspace hooka, I'm leaving trick I wanna get my freak-a-leak on and I can't do that with you attatched to that damn computer peace Biatch!"

Tiffany: "your just hatin' 'cause I gots mo friends than you do and I'm pretty and I ain't got a weeve slut!"
by Adri! at the waffle house June 12, 2006
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