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Aside from being a song(might be a local artist so I don't know if many have heard it) a myspace freak would be a girl(or maybe a guy) who uses myspace to either pick up guys/girls or just is constantly using the site. The song also talks about how the girl doesn't look like her picture on myspace, and she is actually ugly as hell...unlike the picture.
Yo man, I thought I scored with this major hottie when I looked at her picture, but when I met her that wasn't even her in the picture, she was ugly as hell! She was a myspace freak.
by Yung J November 09, 2006
A broad that uses as a main vessel to pick up a one and done.
Yo B I just met that myspace freak I was telling you about the other day....that joint can give some mad dome.
by 1T0uch July 12, 2006
A girl or guy who posts naked pictures, have freaky shyt on their myspace, and someone u cld probably end up takin to yo place
dayum u saw dat bitches myspace? she a myspace freak
by tommygrl April 15, 2007
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