A male who hates women and expresses it either verbally or through his actions. Typically they are geeks who never get laid and got dissed by chicks they masturbated over for years before they finally got up the nerve to ask them out. They should also be considered on the very verge of complete homosexuality.
Typical insecure male: Dude women are so inferior to men. They suck at everything. They're such whores and they're so stupid. I hate them all!

Other guy (not insecure about his abilities to operate as a full functioning man): Dude...are you a homo?
by Introlectual...bitchez December 06, 2004
A man who realizes that females are inferior to males. Just like they are physically weaker, they are also intellectually and morally inferior.

Intellectual inferiority is manifested by inability for ages to develop any invention.

Skill inferiority is manifested by the fact that even in COOKING all the best chefs are MALES.

It's common for females to judge people based solely on money, lie and manipulate. E.g woman who is driving with a man in a car and is hungry, will not say so. She will ask: "Honey, there is a McDonald's over there, YOU haven't eaten today yet". She is pretending that she is caring about the male, when in fact she is selfishly caring about her own interest and deceiving the male to think it's for HIS own good. Pathetic.
Dr. Phil is a wussbag begging women for attention and apologizing like a little boy. Trying to make women like him so he can get in their panties. However, I am a mysoginist and women were created to SERVICE my needs! >:)
by Pawel Kolasa January 02, 2006
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