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A simple phrase used to indicate that your pants are in a state of rapid rapid oxidization. YOu should use this phrase when your pants are combusting as you never know when you might have to tell a blind person. A blind person wouldn't under stand what

I souldn't have used that match after spilling gasoline. Now my pants are on fire...... and it BURNS!!!!!!!
by Collin Miller July 20, 2003
A statement used to point out the glaringly obvious when ones pants are, in fact, on fire.
Hey, did you know that my pants are on fire?
by K N3k0 April 08, 2004
a very serious, often life threatening condition that occurs when a guy/girl is so horny they'll fuck anything in sight.
call the fire department! i haven't had sex for over a month, and my pants are on fire!
by tokyo rose February 22, 2007
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