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a synonym for "nigga" or "buddy". Or a word used when you're mad at someone and don't feel like wasting your time saying thier name.
J: "Hey mutha, wanna take a turn playing Metal Gear Solid 3?"
Dan: "Yeah, mutha"
-"Can you pass that over here."
-"Sure you stupid mutha."
by JASON December 06, 2004
13 32
Used as an expression to exagerrate an amount.
Don't drink alcohol before getting a tattoo. Alcohol thins your blood and will make you bleed like a mutha. Alot of blood during the procedure will wash away the ink and ruin your tat.
by 6Pac June 21, 2004
120 50
short for mutha fucker
u ugly mutha
by matthew shaller September 08, 2003
85 40
Often used in place of a personal noun for pupose of degrading and/or insulting; commonly preceeding "fucka".
"Dawg, you be one wack mutha fucka, I'll busta cap with my phat ass gat, yo'"
by Pimpette Masta J December 08, 2003
72 38
Your Mother - in Brooklyn (oftentimes, muthas can also be found in Boston)
My mutha lives in Brooklyn, but was orginally from Boston.
by QualMod July 25, 2003
46 35
Alternative to 'bad boy'. Can mean anything really.
(Man washing up, wondering where to put a spoon) 'Where do I put this mutha, Clive?'
by Aidan B-S January 25, 2008
25 16
Used in "Maineglish" to describe your wife. "Mumma", and "old lady" are also commonly used.
"I gotta get goin' Dale, Mutha want's me home for suppah"
by SNowMaN1356 March 07, 2013
3 2