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Very yummy little sticky rice ball with a slice of spam that has has been fried in sugar and shoyu and held together with a strip of nori (dried seaweed). Did I mention very yummy?
I eat spam musubi for lunch everyday.
by HellKitten October 01, 2005
Musubi is a Reason, a powerful inner philosophy that encompasses a set of natural laws, based on individualism and non-interference with the lives of everyone else. Everyone would have their own little paradise somewhere in the universe and they would be able to be as creative as they want to be in their paradise at the cost of not being able to interact with anyone else. This reason is most closely associated with the Neutral Alignment of previous Shin Megami Tensei games.
Seeing that too many people interfered with the lives of others in the previous world, he vowed to create a world where that was not possible: this, he calls, is the Reason of Musubi.
by Futomimi October 26, 2014
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