A religious maniac that can't tolerate Christianity but expects everyone to tolerate them. Thats basically it. For more information, see Islam

also note that most muslims arent terrorists but most terrorists are muslims. just a few terrorists like George W Bush and Dick Cheney are.
Welcome to my country, Thank you Allah for this person.
Welcome to 7/11, Thank you Allah for gasoline.
Welcome to my cab, Thank you Allah for 7/11.
Welcome to my church, if you leave, when you die we will eat your corpse.
Welcome to Iraq, Thank Allah for the land we stand on even if we will be destroyed by it in 10 seconds because of a bomb.

Muslims are hypocrites.
#freak #freek #fr3ak #fr33k #phreak #phreek #phr3ak #phr33k
by Tory Burnett December 01, 2007
A religion very similar to Christianity. Regardless, conservative Christians in the U.S. discriminate against Muslims and preach the delusion that they are all terrorists, because U.S. propaganda nationalist news teaches them this. The U.S. government aids Israel in slaughtering the Palestinians, so other Arab and Muslim countries near Israel think the U.S. is composed of barbarians. Then the U.S. invades middle eastern countries near Israel, and it makes the U.S. look even worse, so the Muslims near the region hate on the U.S. even more. Meanwhile, nationalist news in the U.S. discriminates against Muslims, so that invasions by the U.S. seem justified.

Muslims are not stone age terrorists though. A majority of Malaysia is Muslim, and Malaysia is a modern civilized society that has an unemployment rate of about 3%. The United States unemployment rate is about triple that.

Most of the United Arab Emirates is Muslim, and they have one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Dubai. The world's largest sky scraper is in Dubai.
Fox News: "Muslims are terrorists, they want to kill Americans because they are jealous of our Capitalist greed, our V8 engines, our pop music, and our obsession with materialism and vanity."


(U.S. drops bombs on Pakistan killing countless civilians, with the excuse of fighting terrorism)
Pakistan Citizen: "I wish the white devil would go home and stop invading our country and killing our people. Now my mother in law will never leave, because they bombed her house. DAMN YOU AMERICA!"
#islam #muslim #middle east #arab #religion
by FuzzFoot April 03, 2012
A person who embraces the Islam religion, and who worships one God(Allah*) and loves the life and is peaceful and respects the people

* Allah who creates all the creations and everything and owns all of them, without any partners or relatives. There is no God but Allah
Martin: Hay Ahmad!
Ahmad: What's up friend?
Martin: are all Muslims terrorists?
Ahmad: Of course No
Martin:Ok.. But what about what happened in Middle east, Paris, or here in US?
Ahmad: Not all terrorists are Muslims and Muslims are Not terrorists, and those terrorists who said "we are Muslims", They are do not belong to us at all
by feras_a March 25, 2016
A scapegoat for pretty much everything
by GlitchyShadow March 25, 2016
muslims are people who believe in the religion islam. they are often mistaken as terrorists. unfortunately there are a lot of people who believe everything on the news and spread hate against muslims. we do not behead people. and terrorist are not Muslims. they r people who have misinterpreted the Quran and are unfortunately ruining our name. we do not stone girls who get raped just for our family's honor. if u want to judge our religion judge the acts of the last prophet and the verses in the quran. islam only says to fight with non muslims during war. also muslim men are not rapists and in islam if a girl says no to getting married to a man the marriage does not happen. we do not force child marriage. and women wear a black cloth over their body so that men don't look at them and try to rape them. in islam, we respect woman. women WEAR HIJAB AND COVER THEIR BODIES SO THAT THEY R NOT THOUGHT TO BE SEXUAL OBJECTS AND JUST TO BE USED FOR A MANS PLEASURE. people don't understand islam and are arrogant so they spread hate. please understand that muslims aren't terrorists and nine eleven was planed by bush for oil. thank you.
muslim, a follower of the perfect religion and misunderstood and a target of hate by arrogant people .
by hafuz October 18, 2015
A sick demented terrorist who straps explosives to there chest and they' re children' s chest in order to slay innocent law abiding citizens. They live in shitty desert countries yet they make they' re way into other countries to wreak havoc. They wear toilet paper on there heads because men like other men in the muslim world and when they are done fucking each other in the ass they need TP. When they cannot have anymore homosexual sex they blow up innocent people by suicide mission after being deprived of anal intercourse for so long.
Any Muslim is Scum of the earth!
#towel head #poop #scum of the earth #terrorist #fuckyou
by do it March 20, 2013
A individual who subjects to the total submission of Allah(god in arabic) and worships only god . the one and only god... someone who respects all the prophets of god including Muhammad and Jesus and many more...
muslims are not terrorist.... some people just follow the wrong words of their peers.... even a christian or jew can be a terrorist.. point given
#muslim #allah #islam #god #worship
by fathirah December 14, 2010
Muslim- a follower/believer of the religion of Islam. Muslims leave normal lives like you and I, only they are more strict on certain subjects. Like many other races, muslims are often misunderstood to be terrorists/anti-semitics/anti-christian/anarchists/anti-american. Most muslims do not commit acts of terrorism. Due to the actions of a few bad muslims, they have singlehandedly created a sterotypical image of a muslim: a towel headed, fanatical, suicidal, pyshcopath. They are one of the most misunderstood people on earth. Many people say that if we kill all the muslims, then there would be no more terrorists activities. That is genocide, and it would makes us no better than the nazis. Many of the things we use today are from muslim decent. Like coffee, algebra,and the concept of zero.
by CommradeKhan May 24, 2003
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