When a group of men or women compete to be the last to ejaculate on a biscuit. Whoever ejaculates first has to eat the biscuit that everyone else has cum upon.
"Dude, we played Mushy Biscuits last night. It was sick. And I totally lost."
"What'd you have to do when you lost?"

"I had to eat the cum-biscuit..."
by Mushy Biscuit Queen January 13, 2010
Top Definition
A game in which several males will have a contest masturbating on a biscuit. The one who ejaculates last will lose, meaning he will have to consume the biscuit.
"Mikey and Jason were playing the mushy biscuit game, and because he was so shy because of his crooked penis, Jason came first, and Mikey had to eat that soggy mushy mess of a biscuit.. he almost puked."
by James Cameron November 06, 2007
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