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A person of short stature who also happens to have an abnormally large and disproportionate muscular build. Muscle midgets are not to be confused with a typical dwarf or little person, but are still much shorter than the average person of their gender. For males, their maximum height is 5'6". Muscle midgets are known to have excessive muscular builds because they are extremely self-conscious of their height, which is also known as a Napoleon complex. The usual traits of a muscle midget include a loud speaking voice, the constant need to be seen or heard, irrational excuses for failures, a total lack of a sense of humor, a desire to dominate others in both social and physical respects, and all around douchebaggery. Because of their abrasive natures, muscle midgets are widely despised by others. They also have tiny dicks and wear too much cologne.
"Why is Jeff so obnoxious and aggressive towards me?"
"Because he's a muscle midget."
by T-Bone508 September 17, 2013
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