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muscle cars are better then rice burner, there slow pieces of shit that sounds like a cow getting it up the ass!
my 69 chevy nova will smoke any rice burner that even thinks about racing me.
by bob July 14, 2003
51 39
Late 60's and Early 70's American performance cars, which had big displacement, high horsepower motors, and sleeper or stock look to them. Not to be confused with riceburners, 99% of which have a stock 120 horsepower SOHC 4 banger, with a huge spoiler on a FRONT WHEEL DRIVE CAR (morons), non color matching ridiculous body kits, an exhaust bigger than the engine (and sounds like a fat fuck farting non-stop after eating chilidogs) and paint jobs that might seem cool to a pre-schooler.
Did you see those rusty looking muscle cars that beat the ridiculous looking riceburners at the racetrack? Get used to it!
by modular February 23, 2006
28 17
There are many different definitions of musclecar (see the two word spelling: muscle car). Common elements are
American + 2 door + V8 + rear wheel drive. Some people even add a date/time/year element (silly, I think). Some people add a price element, ie, a musclecar provides good power at an affordable price, whereas a supercar provides good power, but is very expensive.

I propose that a musclecar is simply any car with muscle, ie, a good power-to-weight ratio. I suggest 10 pounds or less per horsepower. Therefore, a MINIMUM requirement would be:

2,000 lbs. = 200+ hp.
3,000 lbs. = 300+ hp.

To go with the economy idea, say $100 per hp. Therefore, the 2,000 lb., 200 hp car would cost $20,000. The 3,000 lb., 300 hp car would cost $30,000. Unfortunately, the $ amounts would have to be adjusted with inflation.

Maybe we could come up with a definition that does NOT need modification with time, rating the musclecar as a percentile of the new car population available that year.

We could say the 0-60 and quarter mile times must be better than 75% of the other new cars available that year.

We could say the price should be less than 10% above the average price of a new car that year. We could reserve "supercar" for more expensive cars, and raise the performance parameters to 90%+.
by Jeff Goven July 02, 2006
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well lets see usually around the the 64 to 74 era. A vehicle that a large majority of the time posses a larger than nessasary engine(Although they are fun.)In no way related to a tuner or ricer or what ever so the past defintions are kinda dumb and childish fo even refering to them.:-)
camaro 67-72,chevelle" firebird" trans am" skylark"nova"gto"mustang"ect.
by bob frisbee January 29, 2004
44 34
Vehicle usually powered by large V8 engine
The Musclecar era never ends
by Musclecar August 31, 2003
20 10
A second dick.
Dude, Toby's muscle car must be compensating for something...
by lovesmesumcake August 20, 2008
32 23
a car with a large engine(350 ci+) made of steel not plastic, puts out more horse power and TORQUE then 6 ricers, wat these's tools in the 2 liter rice rockets dont understand is that us muscle car owners can go fast while towing a boat, u ricers cant actually take off with more then 2 people in the car. ill accept some ricers may go fast, but thats when there moddified with more money then the car is worth, a muscle car will go just as fast stock with 5 people in the car towing a boat, so to all u ricers bagging muscle cars, mayb u should try racing under weight, oh thats right, UR PEICE OF SHIT ENGINE WONT MOVE A BAG OF CEMENT
theres no replacement for displacement ricer boys GET A MUSCLE CAR!
by rice eater July 01, 2007
32 23