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a general statement of indifference, usually offered when little else come to mind
Teacher: "What do you think about the state of global economy in relation to average market prices today?"
Student: "Murrr."

"I'm having a bad day..."
by TheRascalKing April 15, 2008
A sound one makes after too much drug or alcohol usage. If you're murrr, you know you're fucked.
"On a scale of one to ten how murrr are you?"

"Lindsay, wanna come back to the fire?"
"Holy fuck guys! She's wayy too murrr!"
by Ms Murry September 24, 2009
It is a word that bosses say after they bitch about stupid things, or there employees say it when they are bitching to mock them
Clean this mess up its a bug magnet murrr!
sell this tko its your job murrr!
don't touch my @#*! murrr!

by rhynox May 21, 2008
A word that annoys someone or something.

Person 1: You are so stupid lalalalala.

Person 2: Murrr
by dm147 December 04, 2003
Not quite a cow moo, but close.
"Mommy! Look at the cows!"
"And what do the cows say darling?"
"The cows say "murrr!""
by trishuhh July 13, 2008
the noise of a comedy moose
often followed by various soccer-related phrases...
homie 1:- ''comedy moose factor...low''


homie 2''get in''
homie 1 ''back of the net!''
homie 2''what a talent!''
homie 1''you beauty''
homie 2''ave it!''
*both crack up laughing*
by da NTP August 16, 2003
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