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When someone farts and it sounds like they either:

a) Shit their pants
b) Farted underwater
"Good God that stinks! Lincoln let out a nasty murple."
by Krick Crammin April 07, 2008
there is no definition of murple, it is what it is
In a sentence: I thought we was best friends, but you aint nothing but a big'ol murple!

Famous murples: Randy Jackson, Grimace(from McDonalds)
by DaveCHI10 September 18, 2008
Fellow who is very knowledgeable on the subject of psychoactive substances. Becoming something of a celebrity among internet drug geeks.
I've been curious about kratom ever since I read Murple's paper on erowid.
by Iacob July 01, 2006
(noun) A word that rhymes with purple.

Most murples are moranges (in that they are created specifically to rhyme with the word purple)
Bad Rapper: So we're gonna paint it purple,
with brushes and some blurple...
Other: ... man that's such a murple.
And also a morange. Dude, uncool.
by pdyxs April 13, 2011
The "glug" like sound when you let the bubble out of your bathing suit under water.
Man, that bubble is huge, it's gunna be a great murple!
by charleb June 23, 2011
a bloody queif. In other words; a pussy-fart accompanied by bloody material.

"When Paxton "murpled"...damn that bitch stained the mutherfuckin upolstery in my jeep.
by i kill you now January 22, 2009
like purple, but more murple.
What color is that?
by Rockatansky September 09, 2009