Fellow who is very knowledgeable on the subject of psychoactive substances. Becoming something of a celebrity among internet drug geeks.
I've been curious about kratom ever since I read Murple's paper on erowid.
by Iacob July 01, 2006
Top Definition
there is no definition of murple, it is what it is
In a sentence: I thought we was best friends, but you aint nothing but a big'ol murple!

Famous murples: Randy Jackson, Grimace(from McDonalds)
by DaveCHI10 September 18, 2008
When you throw up a little in your mouth but then swallow it.
I think I'm going to murple
by Liddy smile October 04, 2015
The "glug" like sound when you let the bubble out of your bathing suit under water.
Man, that bubble is huge, it's gunna be a great murple!
by charleb June 23, 2011
(noun) A word that rhymes with purple.

Most murples are moranges (in that they are created specifically to rhyme with the word purple)
Bad Rapper: So we're gonna paint it purple,
with brushes and some blurple...
Other: ... man that's such a murple.
And also a morange. Dude, uncool.
by pdyxs April 13, 2011
a bloody queif. In other words; a pussy-fart accompanied by bloody material.

"When Paxton "murpled"...damn that bitch stained the mutherfuckin upolstery in my jeep.
by i kill you now January 22, 2009
like purple, but more murple.
What color is that?
by Rockatansky September 09, 2009

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