A person who is usually involved in the act of murking(beating the fuck outta somebody).
Them south side niggaz some murka niggaz g. They beat the fuck outta them lames at that party.
by Mitchell N West May 09, 2005
Top Definition
The United States of America as pronounced vocally by it's distinguished former president George W. Bush.
Protect Murka against the terr'ist
by n008a April 11, 2009
How rednecks (like George W. Bush) pronounce "America".
Why do you hate murka?
by Terrazine September 11, 2011
A variant of "Murika" or "Merica," what Murkans kall "America"
I live in Murka! fuck yeah!
by lolzernone121 April 01, 2015
Someone who is good in bed
Shuyler is a real murka. He turned me out last night
by CupKacez April 18, 2008
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