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When one gathers a dead body and sews up all the holes (eyes, mouth etc.) leaving the butt open. then placeing one's mouthe around the bum hole wilst some one applys a large amout of pressure quicly to the bodys stomac and all contence of the body squeased out the bum is eaten by the guy with the mouth round it.
man 1: gather your sewing kit and spade.
man 2: what ever for.
man 1: i am hungry and we are off to
munta someone in the graveyard.
by grave robber January 25, 2009
a person who is hideously grotesque.
Chris Evans is a true definition!!
by Jessica and Rachel October 30, 2003
Ugly fat female
Muntas shouldn't wear red is an excellent novel by a guy called Eaglesfield
by Benegys July 21, 2003
The perminant state of minga.
Your a munta for life not just a hang over.
by Dave and Lucy December 12, 2003
A very fat woman that eats all the time!
look at that munta over there, eating all the pies
by mycaela January 29, 2004
Stimulation of a male's anus by a female.
I heard he got some munta!
by Rosh April 20, 2003