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after a great night of late night munging there is nothing better to start off the next day with than mung... but how do you get it home? its not like you can just carry a corpse around for fresh squeeze. not a problem just use a mung jar to collect that shit.
mung in the morning thank you mungjar...

the best part of waking up is muuuung in your cup...

nasty Fuck #1:dude im fucking mungry

nasty Fuck#2:there's a freshly squeezed jar of mung in the fridge just warm it for a couple and enjoy

nasty Fuck#1: thanks dude its munglicious
by mungmaster1991 August 11, 2010

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After a good munging session there's nothing better than to collect your findings and display them on your mantle piece as a nice trophie
you mungjar
by Dz fyorne July 09, 2003