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noun. The bodily substances that are ejected from the vagina of a corpse of a recently deceased woman, (preferably young), after a man jumps on her stomach forcefully. Considered a delicatessen in some states, including Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Some claim that it "tastes like chicken." By definition, one man tightly places his lips firmly around the vaginal orifice, creating a vacuum effect. Another man takes a running start, jumps on the cadaver's stomach, and creates the force necessary to expel the aforementioned contents. Before this is accomplished, all body orifices other than the vagina should be firmly sutured closed (i.e. anus, mouth, nares, and external audiory canals.)
Last Saturday night, we were bored and hungry, and Shannon suggested that Donnie and I go to the medical school and get some mung pie.
by tarheeltiger January 05, 2008
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