A homosexual person. Of or pertaining to a fag. Someone who does not talk straight but talks gay.
Dude, did you see that guys' purse, he's a fuckin mumbler.
by Crispy Balls January 10, 2006
Top Definition
MUMBLER - an attractive girl in tight shorts or jeans, etc.i.e.you can see the 'lips' moving but can't quite make out what they're saying.
by king simmo October 16, 2003
A girl wearing a pair of pants so tight, like a camels toe, but tight enough so you can see her lips moving.
Hence "the mumble", "i can see her lips are moving, but i cant work out what she's saying".
see whispers, cameltoe
She's wearing mumblers.
A large group of overweight, mumbler wearing women just walked by, i feel ill.
by yobbo April 25, 2003
camel toe taco jeans When a women wears pants so tight you can see her lips move but can't hear what she is saying.
That girl has a pair of mumblers on today.
by Andrew Christopher Smith September 03, 2008
very tight trousers, as worn by exhibitionist women.
you can see the lipsmoving, but can't understand a pissing word......
by dickie domiguez November 07, 2003
very tight trousers/leggings worn by women.
stavros to richard: henrietta is wearing those vile mumblers again. you know, the ones where you can see the lips moving, but can't understand what the cunt is saying....
by Goldie Bernal March 01, 2010
Seeing vaginal lips and outline when a girl is wearing tight trousers usually cotton or something thin
I can see the lips moving but dont know what there saying - mumbler
by Bill July 22, 2003
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