an evil cat with no soul.
Mulva, please stop eating the garland.
by Wop Killah April 25, 2003
Top Definition
The name that Jerry Seinfeld was guessing his girlfriend's name was, since he had forgotten except for remembering that it rhymed with a female body part.
Dolores: "You have no idea what my name is, do you?"
Jerry: "...Mulva?"
by Katopolis January 06, 2005
Used in a Sienfeld Episode, because Jerry didn't know the name of his date, but he knew it rhymed with a part of the female anatomy.
"Hon, do you love me?"
"MM-hmm... mulva?"


by Mike Mesenbring November 16, 2004
One sexual partner inserts a custard filled, long John doughnut into their anus. After this is completed, this sexual partner squeezes their anus as tightly as they can, thus squirting the custard out of their orifice. The other partner is patiently awaiting this culinary delight from below, with an open mouth. When the custard is caught , a Mulva has occurred.
Person one: "Hmmm ... I am feeling equal parts hungry and horny. How can I satisfy this complex craving all at one time?"
Person two: "Sounds like someone needs a Mulva!"
Person one: "Would you be willing to assist me with this Mulva?"
Person two: "Of course, I'm your wife and there is a box of long Johns right there."
by Tonyfromthatparty March 27, 2016
What one might offer as an answer to a personal question he or she doesn't know the answer to or feels uncomfortable answering. Used in a Seinfeld episode.
"Hon, do you love me?"
"Umm... mulva?"
by Neven Mrgan January 18, 2003
Man vulva.
She rubbed my mulva for 12 minutes but complained the whole time.
by Bryan and Michelle December 31, 2008
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