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Singular: moregasm (mohr-gas-ems) - To increasingly want more deliciousness to explode in your mouth. A taste so indescribably good, the only comparison is if the beauty of a rainbow was edible.

Plural: Multiple moregasms - The epitome of amazing awesomeness. More rare than the fabled Unicorn. Gives the body a tingling sensation similar to the feeling of thousands of butterflies fluttering all over your body and carrying you face first through a cloud of marshmallows and into the eye of an infinite double rainbow.
That meatball sandwich definitely gave my mouth multiple moregasms. I couldn't stop stuffing my throat. I was meat_balls deep!!!

Whenever I think of your pie I start to drool and ready myself for a multi morgasmic experience.
by delro October 04, 2010
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