Home of transparent stationery and just about anything see through for that matter. Common to UK high streets.
Didn't you always want a transparent toilet brush! Pop down to Muji.
by P October 22, 2004
Top Definition
Nepali slang for asshole.
"Sanjib muji come here." "Kshitiz is such a muji."
by raindai December 14, 2014
A slang or abbreviated form of Mujahideen, used to refer to Islamic terrorists.

A person of Middle Eastern descent you suspect of being a terrorist.
"Watch this stupid Muji, he brought a gun to a tank fight."

"Why do the Muji's get so mad about cartoons?"

by KJC402 November 10, 2007
Muji is a japenese origin based store found in varied countries. Can be placed into anything, including 'brother' and just a random word in a sentance.
Random Word: Did you go see the cows muji at the zoo.
Placed into something (Dawg): Yo Muji!
Correctly used reffering to the store: Did you go see those phat pants in Muji!
by thnom October 06, 2003
a retarded bomber that comes from a sweedish pac of dogs
o no theres a muji on a plane
by hfdjsffghgd January 18, 2007

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