a retarded bomber that comes from a sweedish pac of dogs
o no theres a muji on a plane
by hfdjsffghgd January 18, 2007
Top Definition
Nepali slang for asshole.
"Sanjib muji come here." "Kshitiz is such a muji."
by raindai December 14, 2014
A slang or abbreviated form of Mujahideen, used to refer to Islamic terrorists.

A person of Middle Eastern descent you suspect of being a terrorist.
"Watch this stupid Muji, he brought a gun to a tank fight."

"Why do the Muji's get so mad about cartoons?"

by KJC402 November 10, 2007
Muji is a japenese origin based store found in varied countries. Can be placed into anything, including 'brother' and just a random word in a sentance.
Random Word: Did you go see the cows muji at the zoo.
Placed into something (Dawg): Yo Muji!
Correctly used reffering to the store: Did you go see those phat pants in Muji!
by thnom October 06, 2003
Home of transparent stationery and just about anything see through for that matter. Common to UK high streets.
Didn't you always want a transparent toilet brush! Pop down to Muji.
by P October 22, 2004
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