People who drink hard liquor at a bar or bar and grill before noon and brag about it or think its propper.
Peep that "muggeridge"(ausie accent applied),did he just ask what kinda vodka this o'charleys has, is it like 11:15am?
by Joel Book August 14, 2008
Top Definition
If you have just been mugged off, that is a muggeridge

originated in North London
Dave-o: your mum sucked my dick

Steve-o: well your little sister sucked mine

Craig-o: thats a muggeridge
by Smithy678 October 27, 2007
The piece of paper that comes in tubs of chocolates (mainly Roses and Quality Street) which identifies each individual chocolate.
"Would you like a chocolate?"
"Sure, could I see the muggeridge though? I can never remember what the green one is."
by Phixon May 11, 2015
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