(Adj.) Extremely and painfully ugly in the face.
" Why don't you try to holla at shorty over there?"

--" Hell no, that bitch is mugg!"
by spazzattakc March 16, 2009
A Canadian insult to sterotypical narcissistic, self-centered unintelligent people. Also, A Mugg constantly rapes the guitar while playing it producing horrid quality sounds and thinks they are the shit for playing that way, but it is just shit.
Taylor Sweet, you are such a stupid Mügg!
by Regginald Garfunkal January 08, 2009
1.) A woman with high standards who almost always does above and beyond what is required to complete the tasks.

2.) A perfectionist in computer graphic sort of programs.

3.) An artist that works in photography doing only portraits.
1.) "WOW!! You're such a Muggs when it comes to doing high quality homework."

2.) "I hope my homework is Muggs quality."

3.) "I am looking for a Muggs photographer."
by MUGGSBEES February 09, 2010
The toddler boy that catches everyone in the rooms attention with loud giggles and romping.
"That little Muggs overthere made me forget what I was about to say."
"If it wasn't for the Muggs, waiting in line at the DMV would have felt so long."
by muggsallthetime February 03, 2010

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