Someone who speaks, but is difficult to understand. Then when you realize what they said, you realize it was stupid.
Ja'Quan: What did Harry just say?

Tom: I don't know, Harry is the epitome of a mufftard.
by P_$_C October 03, 2011
Top Definition
A female (who has the muff) acting in a retarded manner.
Laurel, stop being such a Mufftard"
by BlaineFoster June 04, 2007
An individual who is retarded and also exhibits the charatoristics of a pussy.
"Omg shiver, stop being a mufftard"
by Splitter March 19, 2005
One who is a retard and also possesses the charatoristics of a pussy.
"Have you seen Shiver lately? What a mufftard."
by Splitter March 19, 2005
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