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A classification of modern homosexual. A buff gym rat at a pool party, who wears shirts sizes to small - when if ever he bothers to wear a shirt. Often sporting large poorly done tribal tattoos decided upon when sped up or on poppers. Also as a species they can be quite loud. Also there is a high transormation rate into your standard bear with age.
That pack of mufflers totally just cruised you.

Do you smell that? Is it suntan lotion and sperm? Must be a pack of mufflers!
by Davidbrianpalmspring April 11, 2010
0 3
Term assigned to a young, awkward male who is known by the women of his social circle to be over-eager when delivering oral sex. Derived from the noise he makes when slopily conducting his business.
Beth: "How'd things turn out with Earl last night?"
Yvonne: "I'd rather not discuss it. Let's just say he had his muffler cruising and leave it at that."
by Rickland Floydd February 12, 2009
1 5
one who joins in the act of muffling, or the stimulation of the females vagina using ones tonge, also called a carpet muncher
gee sally, what a muffler tom is, i could here you all the way down the hall! (sally glows)
by anonymous August 22, 2003
4 8
Thingy you put up the end of on an car so the exaust gas wil sound nice
w00t ! Look at that muffler ! Its so fecking big ! Its almost like teh rocket pipe in Need for speed udnerground
by Michal December 17, 2003
8 16
a fiddling, curious little boy.
Short is a stumpy kiddy muffler
by untitled April 29, 2003
2 17
That's me
I am the Carpet-Muncher
by Carpet-Muncher February 12, 2004
3 25