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The fat that overflows out of the sides of a female's lowrising pants (kind of looks like the crust of a muffin). She shouldnt be wearing them if she has muffin crust.
dude. that girl shouldn't wear a bikini. check out that muffin crust
by ndn August 09, 2005
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muffin crust - Slang used to describe a person who has a large midsection that is exposed and hangs over the top of her pants due to the fact that the pants are too small in the waistline. Named due to the fact that the fat hangs over in resemblance to the batter hanging over on a muffin. Also known as muffin top, crust, and just plain fat hanging over. Not to be confused with a midriff baring top that smaller women with a flat midsection wear to show off their abs.

e.g., Eeeewww. Look at the muffin crust on Chris. She needs to lose some weight or buy bigger pants. The must have run out of XXXL.
#muffin top #muffin #crust #fat #gross
by Stephanie Comfort August 16, 2007
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