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Another Word For Mother Fucker
Wha chu doin mufa..
Nuffin mufa cuzzin...
by Josh "CuZzIn" February 15, 2005
15 23
a jinx, or a person who brings bad luck to others or to other equipment.
"Argentina's president may be off the hook as a mufa, a cursed individual, a jinx."

-Seattle Times
by Vonroach November 03, 2009
27 2
A shortened version of the word "mother fucker"
you betta back up mu fa!
AHHH mu fa these boxers are new!
by jeremybeaner August 15, 2007
4 0
Mother Fucker for lazy asses.
Nancy is a crazy mufa
by Mufa August 22, 2006
9 21
Your local neighborhood whore. Usually a cheap one that you can get for a nickel.
I gettin kinda horny, where the FUCK is Mufa at?
by Mikau Nero October 05, 2006
1 16