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The action of motorboating between the buttcheeks.
I motorboated her boobs last night. Oh yeah! Well I did a mudder boat in her ass!
#motor boat #jugs #ass #rim job #boating
by The J-Radman June 22, 2007
The act of taking a shit on a woman's chest, then pushing one's face in between the shit covered ample breasts, and rocking one's head side to side while making a rapid lip moving motorboat engine sound.

Similar to a motorboat with the addition of the feces.
Did you motorboat that girl with the big tits?
No man, I had the runs so I did a mudderboat instead!
#mudderboat #mudder boat #motorboat #motor boat #muddy motorboat #shit #breasts #tits #boobies
by Rok Mriscan August 22, 2007
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