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1. (noun) one who is being unreasonable, silly, strange, annoying, hilarious, or hypersensitive

2. (adj.) something that is outrageously funny, extremely disheartening, or excessively ordinary

3. (verb) to waste time doing pointless shit or to roflcopter around all night when one should be doing something more productive

4. an exclamation used when surprised, disturbed, or bored, synonymous to a long, drawn out fawk; begins to sound like a pained yelping whine/squeal with indistinguishable consonant sounds when used excessively and repeatedly in a high-pitched, dying cat voice

5. can be used as a greeting if mutually understood
- "wsup dude"
- "mudda ess"

- "wow you fargot you just TK'd me like 3 times in a row you mudda ess"

- "man im so bored i wanna play some left 4 dead"
- "stop mudda essing around and study for your o-chem final tomorrow"

- "yo broseph i can turn my axe spray into a flamethrower isnt that hella mudda ess"

- "muhhhh essss!!!!"
- "muh.. muh.. muh... MUHHHH ESSSSS!!!
by dan toda maoduh February 02, 2009
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