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Another term for infantry.
Sgt.Random:Basicaly, we're mud crunchers.

Recruit:come again?

*boots the recruits face

Sgt.Random:where's the "sir"?
by sir mix-alot August 25, 2007
Two fags and one coldcocks the other in the ass and when it bleeds he eats out the guys ass with a mouthful of blood and shit, then the other guy blows him and keeps the jizz in his mouth and then they mix it together. Then the guy who got fucked in the ass swallows the mix and then vomits the stuff eith puke onto the other guys dick and jeks him off using the vomit chunkies for extra feeling
THUMPER93Z invented the mudcruncher with his boyfriend.
by Taldir January 28, 2005