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a suburban brisbane slang term used to describe a person's arsehole.
Can I put my penis in your muckhole?
by A.Nono.Mouse August 09, 2004
A lady's (or man's) anus.
Here Tommo, does your misses take it up the muck hole?
by Ben Davies August 28, 2003
Bum-hole / poo shute - not to be confused with fuckhole (minge) or suckhole (mouth)
I'd really like to fuck her in the muckhole, fuckhole and suckhole
by Ophelia Minge October 16, 2003
Australian term sometimes used to refer to the arsehole but more commonly a replacement word for cunt. say it outloud it's fun
it's your round ya fucken muckhole get me a schooey of new
by coxy1987 February 04, 2010
fuckhole and yuckhole busted together joining to be a muckhole.
Davie, your girlfriends got a muckhole.


shut your muckhole
by JohnEmm June 26, 2006
A particularly unactractive vagine
She took off her panties revealing her filthy muckhole
by hoser July 05, 2003
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