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To add an exaggeration
This mojito is muchos awesome.

This book is muchos retarded.
Honey, I missed you muchos.
by Neel Baba June 28, 2009
Marc Mandrake slang definition: a lot / very.
"I'm mucho sorry." = "I'm very sorry."
by Hall Monitor Suze June 02, 2005
Mucho meens much in spanish, Is used as as a replacement for much/very.
- I'm mucho pissed = I'm very pissed
by Camilo Jerez June 17, 2005
Argentinian gaucho term meaning loner, outsider.
In a herd of cattle there are often single animals rejected and existing outside the main group. These are known as "muchos".

Hence the expression "Muching about"
by Boson5 December 19, 2011