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one of the world's most infamous prostitutes. For just 25 cents she would swallow balls until she dies.
My best bud spent a dollar on Ms. Pac-man yesterday. She swallowed over 5,000 balls. That's money well spent, I'd say.
by IKYGHWANHWEH!!! May 21, 2008
58 5
a person usually a female that is playing games and playing hard to get, just like the game.
That girl got you playing ms pacman and your losing.
by Annoymousdode January 05, 2009
10 2
While having sex in space, you pull out and cum. The partner then goes from globule to globule consuming them. The large gobs really make her go crazy.
I was on the International Space Station last week, and Ivana totally pulled a Ms. Pacman on me!
by Rainmakers August 05, 2007
11 12
A vagina after vigorous sex, specifically the gaping hole left from the penis.
My vagina looks like Ms. Pacman!
by You name is already being used August 06, 2011
0 3
pac mans big yellow hoe, she stared in her own video game but it was just like regular pacman expect that hoe had a bow on her head
ms pacman is a big yellow hoe
by kyle karl christiansen January 08, 2009
7 10