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A man who got fucked up the ass by a horse, literally, and died.

Now their making a documentry about it.
1:"Did you hear their making a documentry about Mr. Hands?"
2:"Eww. The guy who got fucked up the ass by a horse?"
1:"Yeah we should go see it."
by TheRevolution19 January 26, 2007
A man that died shortly after taking the entire penis of a horse. The movie is available online by googleing MrHands.mpeg
"Oh man, did you see that video Mr Hands?"
"Yes, I can't believe that guy took all that that"
by SoftAndElegant April 11, 2008
A man in Washington who had a friend video him having anal sex with a horse. He suffered a perferated colon and later died.
Dude 1: Eww have you seen that Mr. Hands video?
Dude 2: Yeah that was damn nasty!
Dude 1: It kinda turned me on.
Dude 2: You are some sick fuck!
by FFluver February 22, 2008
Still a better love story than Twilight
Friend: Did you see that Mr. Hands video, it's a guy fucking a horse!
You: Yep, and it's still a better love story than Twilight
by gabep637 September 19, 2012
A video that shows a man taking a horse cock in his ass. In the video the man whine and cries until the horse cums in his ass. The sickest thing you will ever see a horse do. But it is also funny because it turns out that the man dies. The horse cock is so big that it rubs through the man's colon and he later dies, but not on video.
Bob: Hey Bill watch Mr.Hands it is so funny.

Bill: O.K. it sounds cool.
(next day)
Bob: Did you watch it.

Bill: Yeah, I though it was really cool. I wanna try it.

by Aeilspear March 01, 2008
The horse that fucked a man to death,
Also used to describe a man who has been widowed many times
Holy shit did you see the mr.hands video?

man that guy is a Mr.Hands
by Tishkolegpu November 18, 2007
err what? a guy that got analled by a horse and died...duuude thats just some fucked up shit right there....he fucked an animal!! WTF
its people like mr. hands which is why aids exists
by vikrattlehead November 03, 2007
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