The funny half of a geeky pair, the one that knows more about jokes, references, etc and less about mechanics and "boring technical crap"
Yeah, I dunno crap about how KoL works, I suppoose I must be a Mr. Skullhead.
by Dude Mann III February 01, 2008
One of the administrators in the free online game Kingdom of Loathing.

v. To do a Mr. Skullhead is to write funny things for a game without knowing alot of the game mechanics.
I'm going to do a Mr. Skullhead since I'm not a total geek.
by angelrider July 18, 2006
1. That guy at a party that everyone always forgets.
2. The archetype of many pop culture icons: Nightmare Before Christmas, Animaniacs, etc.
"Hey, let's go talk to that Mr. Skullhead."
"I'm so glad that this game has a Mr. Skullhead."
"Did you just see that Mr. Skullhead on TV?"
by matrixmichael November 21, 2005
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