A Jim Croce song. Mr Bojangles is a dancin' man.
Jim: I kne a man Bojangles, and he'd dance for you, in worn out shoes. Silver hair and ragged shirt, the old soft shoes... He jumped so high, then he'd lightly touch down.
by Jon March 25, 2005
A bearded gentleman who is legendary for running around in his sexy purple suit and raping anyone and anything in his path with his enormous man sausage. He has been known to be exceptionally wealthy, making countless fortunes from the reaming of countless women with his flesh pedestal of lust.
Ah man! My girlfriend won't do it with me. She said sex with me hasn't been the same since she ran into Mr. Bojangles at the club the other night.
by BigBadBrad February 10, 2009
a incredibely amazing name for a penis
WOAHHHHH look at trevors Mr. Bojangles!!!! (amazingg)
by mybigwilly August 16, 2008
an overly large extremely fat cat
Boy my roomates cat is so fat, that we had to name him Mr Bojangles when he sits at the dinner table with us for meals. Mr Kitty was no longer appropriate
by dirty dirts July 29, 2006
The male cousin to your, or someone you knows boyfriend, or "buddy." Typically one who wants to sleep with you.
Cousin: "Hey sharifa wanna bump monkeys?"

Girlfriend: "What!? you are a bonified Mr. Bojangles.. wait til i tell Quantin!"
by The walking naughty =-o! July 07, 2005
A male's testicles that jangle around and it's fucking gross!
Guy 1: Dude, did you hear about what happened to that whor?
Guy 2: No
Guy 1: The pimp had a pair of Mr. Bojangles
by Jack Shark May 26, 2005
(n) A black man with a penis 14" or longer. In most cases, this is used as a weapon, usually a saber. If you are a Mr. Bojangles, or a Bojangle if you will, then you probably could, and will, kick anybody's ass.
Erik Nelson: "I'm so gay, I wish I could be a Bojangle..."

Mr. Bojangles: "Sheit Cracka, I'll kick yo ass with this shit!" And he did.
by Pimp Master Flex March 30, 2005
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