A sexual maneuver in which the person administering oral fills his/her mouth full of toothpaste beforehand. This leaves the dick in a minty fresh state.
Man 1: Dude, did your girlfriend give you a Mr. Clean last night?

Man 2: Hells yeah, you know she did!
by Ratchard October 23, 2008
Top Definition

1. A man with less than 10% body fat, who is deliberately bald, stronger than steel, faster than lightning, harder than Angola, wiser than Solomon, sweeter than saccharin, and does not put up with haters.

2. A man who resembles in physical appearance the Mr. Clean of Proctor & Gamble cleaning products advertising.


1. Describing attributes of one who is opposed to racism, tyranny, injustice, and haters.
You seen Mr. Clean, bruh?

Nah, man. Mr. Clean repin' that BOOT and them Jena 6, ya heard.

If you ever try to start something with Mr. Clean, he will pounce on you because he's crazy like that.


You got to be Mr Clean stuntin' to be in Team Clean.
by OnePeat June 24, 2008
A sex move where the man rubs peroxide instead of lube on the condom and penetrates his partner's anal in attempt to clean and purify the impurities of the anal.
Kyle cleaned his girl's ass by performing the Mr. Clean on her.
by SnakeBiter October 05, 2009
When a girl performs oral sex and leaves your penis polished to perfection. A Wet Shinny Dick.
Suck my dick bitch, Mr. Clean, Whoop! -Lil' B the BasedGod
by usc_boy89 July 27, 2013

1. A term used to describe the sexual act of one man cumming profusely into the eyebrows of another bald man, thus giving him the appearance of Mr. Clean. It is then customary for the bald man to clean both the bathroom and the kitchen.
"The way that bald guy in the wheelchair was checking you out, he's just begging for a Mr Clean"
by billebllunt December 11, 2013
Someone who is such a douche that they're like a living Mr. Clean, cleaning out vaginas til they're sparkly clean during intercourse in a completely boring and monotonous way. No one likes a Mr. Clean.
That guy is a total Mr. Clean for eating my sandwich.
by Plumm August 25, 2011
When you take a hit of marijuana, brush your teeth while you're holding it in, and let it out when you spit.
I dare you to pull a Mr. Clean right now!
by Jeffizle22221 July 05, 2011
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