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a rather large or obese possum, has anger problems know as a unticus to many. known for attacking while screaming unt unt unt unt!!!
aaron: hey what is that?
steve: that looks like.... mr krum?
aaron: oh my god it is! run! run! run!
steve: come on move it faster!
aaron: im too slow go on without me....
steve: fine, goodbye!
aaron: argh!!!!
(aaron screams as he decapitated and consumed)
untcus/mr krum: unt! unt! unt! unt!
(10 minutes later)
steve: i think im safe....
( there is a noise in the bush)
steve: what was that?? oh no! oh god no! please spare me!!
unticus/mr krum: unt unt unt!!
steve: argh!!!
(meanwhile somewhere across town dean punches anoher steve in the face for no reason which kills him)
by mr krum September 09, 2010

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