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is a strong last name commenly goes with people of a black and white background. A Mowery will come from a long line of crazy people who get along with everybody. you cant go wrong with being a Mowery
Scott: "yo dude i was just at the Mowery's and the whole family was having a party they are so cool."
Brendan: "Yea Mowerys know how to do the world right."
by lalablack April 22, 2009
An idividual who enjoys accepting and/or receiving copious amounts of unprotected anal intercourse without a reach around. The word can also be used as an adjective to replace the word gay.
Guy #1 "hey bro, don't you just love 'Brokeback Mountain'?"

Guy #2 "wow bro, we can't hang out anymore because you're sounding like a Mowery"
by Sweet Alabama Trouser Snake April 23, 2009