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A tight vagina. The opposite of a wizard's sleeve
"Her ***** was so tight, it felt like I was ******* a mouse ear!"
by thadddeus April 06, 2009
A word to describe the female Vagina
Oh yah BOB that girl has got one nice lil mouse ear on her!!!
by G-unityahhhhh December 21, 2008
A small but extremely potent hit of cocaine
Yo man, I'm gettin' paid on the twos and fours, you gonna dig me some of these Colombian mouse ears at my crib on the flip side?
by Rondell Lamar Smith February 10, 2007
noun. A females anal cavity that is most often described as tight and not blown apart.
Her ass was like a mouse ear before i blew it up.
by sweether44 February 04, 2011
A reel-to-reel camera used in the motion picture industry.
I see mouse ears all over the place here. They must be shooting a movie!
by pentozali February 01, 2006
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