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Mount dennis is a neighbourhood in the heart of toronto's west-end, it is bordered by lambton avenue and black creek dr to the south, the CNR,or weston rd to the north and northeast, and the humber river to the west.running straight through the neighbourhood is jane st, a pocket of the city which is very diverse. The heart and shopping district of this area is weston road, a street bordered by shops on either side. Being one of the most diverse areas in the city this area contains large amounts of west-african caribbean, jamaican, middle-eastern-asian,portugese, and vietnamese immigrants which follow many different types of believes and religion. This area has an average house price well arround 200,000, which is one of the lowest in te city, new immigrants would flood the streets as new developers and land owners forgot the area as preperation was being done for the rest of the city. Why has it come to this many residents say, as abandoned, rag-tag and ghostly buildings are scatttered around the area. It had been forgoten, as so many people would say,and the police, well they forgot it too. In the summer of 2009 five peole were killed out on the streets. Police now have put all their efforts in to helping this neighbourhood and they have done well. Despite the on going gang violened and the streets plagued with murders this area is prospering and is in role for a better future. This is a struggling neighbourhood alike no other.
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