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A Traffic Police Officer in any US CITY usually riding a BMW 1150-R motorcycle who issues tickets using a radar gun (that's all they do, no dispatch calls) and thinks he's SO bad-ass for doing so, in reality he is just pissing off other wise safe drivers who were caught speeding in his "speed traps", afterwards the motor cop brags to other "motor cops in the fraternity" over donuts and coffee, and play with each other performing tricks on their motorcycles and driving dirty in their own personal vehicles.
Mike Jo.- Man homie, would u believe this??!!
I was cruising down the block and then this motor cop on the side flags me down in my lexus for speeding and tinted windows!!

Paul W.- Shoot, dam those pigs ought to get blasted upon, doing that spit in our N-hood.

Mike Jo.- Straight up, motor cops are the worse kind of po-po in the world!!
by Urban Dictionary February 16, 2008
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