A black person's term for anything. A white mans dude, or man.
"Yo mother fucker, lets go to the mother fucking mother fucker and hit up those mother fucking mother fuckers in the ass".
" o fo sho"
by J Enck January 01, 2005
One that has sexual intercourse with mothers. Also known as a MILF Hunter. Some take it as an insult, while some take it as a compliment. One of the most popular of swears in the english language.
Hey, get the fuck off that goat, you sick Mother Fucker!"
by TheHeReTiC February 23, 2003
1) any person
2) any place
3) a word to emphasize the extent of something
"Hey motherfucker, turn the heat down! It's hot as a motherfucker in this motherfucker!"

"Yo motherfuckers, we need some food up in this motherfucker. I'm jonesing like a motherfucker for a cheeseburger."

"It's gettin' nutty in dis motherfucker, leave a nigga bloody in dis motherfucker. We in da cutty motherfucker. You done done too much, you got it comin' motherfucker." -Snoop Dogg
by Nick D March 18, 2003
used for comparison.
the second best, or second worst thing in all the universe
-it is colder than a motherfucker out here.
-it is hotter than a motherfucker in here
-this burger is tastier than a motherfucker
-god damn, that byatch is finer than a motherfucker.
by spanky July 24, 2003
a comparitive expression meaning: extremely or very.
the subject is compared to a mother fucker.
can be used to emphasize any adjective.
commonly using these forms:
"(adjective + er) than a mother fucker"
"(adjective) as a mother fucker"
colder than a mother fucker = extremely cold
hot as a mother fucker = extremely hot

add the following (adj + er) words to the blank to get a feel for the versatility of this expression:

_______ than a mother fucker.

dumber, stupider, smarter, cooler, worse, smellier, harder, sillier, faster, slower, louder, funnier, duller, uglier, spicier, sharper, more boring...
by dr. roland james nesbaum III December 07, 2005
1. N. Your Father
2. N. Playa your mom's cheating with
3. N. term you use when you are angry at someone
4. N. Compliment
5. N. A term used to compare something to it.
6. N. Someone who performs sexual intercorse on their
7. N. A term many african americans use on anything.(usually with A's instead of ER's)
8. N. George Bush
1. "Your father fucks your mom, so he is a mother fucker."
2. "That mother fucker's been sleepin with yo mom."
4. "You're one bad-ass mother fucker."
5. "That shits as crazy as a mother fucker."
6. "I heard Billy is a mother fucker."
7. "Yo grab me dat motha fucka, motha fucka."
8. "That mother fucker is killing off all our troops. We need to fucking impeach that mother fucker."
by Joey Jordison April 02, 2007
An object used as a exclamation of high importance or extremity.
It's cold as a motherfucker out here!
by ECHOSIDE February 22, 2003
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