the other thing keeping poor people down, besides "The Man".
Person 1: Damn are your parents ok? I heard about those floods in your hometown.
Person 2: Yeah they're fine, as is all our stuff, thank god. Only the ghetto part of the city got flooded.
Person 1: Now mother nature AND the man are keeping poor people down. Shit.
by SnobbyWhiteGuy May 23, 2011
Top Definition
Satin, the evil one, aunt flow, or just a sick cruel being who gives us woman cramps and pms and periods so she can watch us suffer for her entertainment and who magically doesnt get a paeriod of her own
girl 1: you know who i hate?

girl 2: who?

girl 1: Mother nature we suffer for her entertainment
by periodhater41 June 18, 2010
the by-product of God's creation (gender irrelevant).

Cop out for those who deny the existence of God, while embracing a equally intangible force (mother nature, nature, etc.) that they can neither explain, nor define it's source, origin or purpose.
Mother Nature sure is a beautiful thing.

Take any sentence, phrase or literary reference and replace the term 'mother nature' with God and see if it could be made to make sense using an impartial perspective.
by PSBWTHU December 18, 2009
The time of the month when girls have to suffer to breathe from fucking cramps
Are you ok?
Fucking Mother Nature

Oh she sucks
by TuckerRyle June 17, 2016
a reference to any natural drug.
Let's enjoy some mother nature.
by Matthew Pryce January 25, 2004
The ho that supports your life.
Your mamma or wife that bakes your food is your mother nature
by Jeremy October 22, 2003
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