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An alternative / Sexy / Cool way of saying "mothafucka". it is when you feel like saying something explicit but can't because:

1.You are around adults or small children and you dont want to say mothafucka.


2.You feel its against your religion
...so you say Mothasucka instead
That mothasucka owes me 20 mothasuckin dollars.If i dont get my mothasuckin money we gonna have sum serious mothasuckin problems >:(
by some random gurl ;) November 11, 2011
a nice way of saying motha fucker
that motha sucka stole my bitch
by imagetarplayer November 10, 2007
Someone who is pissing you off or is gay. It's a nice way of saying mother fucker. For short, just say motha suck.
"motha sucka!"
"shut yo face motha sucka!"
by Kerri (malibu barbie) April 25, 2008