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1. the most a person can be loved.

2. the definition of most times infinity (and beyond), pi, etc. cannot be beaten.

3. how much becky loves dan.
Becky - i love you.
Dan - well, i love you most.
Becky - too bad, because i love you mostestest.
by beckyyy. May 31, 2007
Even more than mostest
I love my baby Thinesh mostestest
by Bunny73 December 19, 2008
To intend more on something than someone did before.
I love you, I love you more, I love you most, I love you mostest, I love you MOSTESTEST.
by KoryKryptonite June 30, 2014
The greatest possible amount that anyone could ever possibly miss anyone. Even greater than infinity, but not quite as great as infinity + 1 (everyone knows this is the greatest.)
I missed you the mostestest this weekend. I win!!
by bizarroturtle January 19, 2009
A way to get the final and last word when your girlfriend tells you she loves you most. I.E. replacing " I love you times Infinity" Mostestest the end all be all to say I LOVE YOU the most!
"You love me the most times infinity? Nope I love you Mostestest! "
by K Mac November 30, 2006
its an amount greater than anything. It is an amount that could not ever be measured. Not even infinity can beat the mostestest.
I love Michelle the Mostestest. Meaning My love for you is an unmeasurable amount of love and cannot be higher than anything in the world. "I love you the MOSTESTEST."
by Rene Ramirez November 21, 2007
An adjective describing an amount more than most.
1. Eun Joo, I love you mostestest!
2. I miss you mostestest!
by Thomas December 08, 2003
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