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Broadly speaking - Probably the word 'Cunt' (English language)

The linguistic/written deliverance of the word 'cunt' is unsuitable for an array of circumstances. It's widely considered an explanatory/accessible word that conveys a negative sentiment/connotation towards a given subject. In this sense the literal/descriptive (female genitalia) functionality of the word is often secondary. Its use can almost systematically cause offence/animosity between parties.

It's the last word i'd choose/desire to use when addressing my mother. She'd be terribly offended.
most offensive word ever?

Example -

A. "Cunt". - (utilised in its basic singular form can cause arbitrary offence. /// To express general dissatisfaction when confronted with or applied to an individual/group/situation/thing.

It's conceivably the most offensive word you'd use to describe a 'toilet'. Or alternatively/broadly... when used vaguely as an aggressive slang word.

Example -

A. "Where's ya cunt? I need a massive cunt". (rough translation - "Where might I find a toilet facility? I must relieve myself immediately'.)

B. "You got a cunter I can shit down?" (alternative toilet related expression)
by B. Steptoe November 24, 2013
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