male gossip that likes to spread rumors, talk about sexual things, make out with girls named caroline, and in general wants to be a girl but his parents wont let him
Jacob:"hey have u herd that jack made out with laura in the middle of the hall?"

Josh :"im a normal guy so i dont care about that kinda stuff u mossip!"
by shitfaced69 October 07, 2009
Top Definition
Gossiping amoung guys. Guys often stand quietly while listening to girls giggle and talk drama but later do the same thing with the guys they're in a bromance with.
Emily: "Hey, did you hear about Rick getting Julie pregnant?"
Megan: "OMG, no! That's crazy, she seemed like such a church girl."
-Dylan stands quietly as if he doesn't care.- *bell rings*
Dylan" Yo dude, I heard Julie and Rick did it"
Carl "WOAH, are you kidding me, she's going out with Ryan."
Julie "Stop with the mossip, It's a rumor."
by *xoxoxo* April 19, 2010
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