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Noun. A moshery is a place where moshing takes place. While "mosh pit" is the name for the specific area in which the actual moshing takes place, a moshery refers to the building or surrounding area (club, arena, basement, back seat of a car, one's mind, etc.). The term "mosh" originated in the early 1980s, and the first documented use of the word "moshery" came around 1986-7 in a high school student's music column, Uncle Louie's Moshery, in Whitmer High School's Panther's Pause newspaper (Toledo, Ohio).
Brew : Brewery :: Mosh : Moshery
by Bogoda September 04, 2006
if spmething is affiliated with mosher/rock style it is moshery.
u2 are not very moshery
by sam mccabe December 27, 2004
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